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JETHRO TULL - Benefit Lp 1970 Germany

JETHRO TULL - Benefit Lp 1970 Germany

JETRO TULL- Benefit 1970

Kapak/Vinyl 9/9

10 Puan acilmamis plak, ambalajinda
9 Acilmis ama cok az kullanilmis, yeni gibi
8 az kullanilmis ama hafif kagit izleri gibi cizikler olabilir
7 Cizgiler var ama ses kalitesini etkilemiyor
6 cizgiler ve hisirtilar var
Satılan her ürüne fatura düzenlenir.
  • Details

    With You There To Help Me
    Nothing To Say
    Alive And Well And Living In
    For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me
    To Cry You A Song
    A Time For Everything
    Play In Time
    Sossity: You're A Woman
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